Episode 22: EU Digitalisation Policies and Related Exchanges with China

EU Digitalisation Policies and Related Exchanges with China

As policymakers and companies all over the world strive to harness the potential of digitalisation while limiting the risks, what steps have European Union (EU) policymakers taken to position Europe at the forefront of the digital revolution? And what aspects of digitalisation are informing discussions with China, which the EU recognises as a partner, a competitor and systemic rival?

In this episode, our host Ester Cañada Amela, advocacy manager for the EU SME Centre and senior business manager for European affairs at the European Chamber, is joined by EU Ambassador to China, HE Jorge Toledo, to explore these questions and more.

What to listen for:

1:23 Introduction of Ambassador Toledo’s professional career

2:57 Explanation of the von der Leyen Commission’s key digital policy: ‘a Europe fit for the Digital Age’

6:42 What is the EU doing in data protection, usage and governance?

10:16 How is the EU addressing security risks posed by the rise of digital infrastructure, products and networks through policy and regulation?

11:48 How is the EU keeping pace with new technological developments such as Artificial Intelligence and how does it make sure that no one, be it individuals or companies with less resources, gets left behind?

15:45 How is the EU approaching the dialogue with China in digital policymaking?

20:00 How are the market access barriers and lack of reciprocity faced by European business presented in government-to-government exchanges?

23:07 Where does the EU stand on the US-China technology war?


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