Episode 20: Bridging the EU and China with Food

Bridging the EU and China with Food

In this episode, our host Ziting Zhang, the European Chamber’s head of government affairs, is joined by Damien Plan, agricultural counsellor at the European Union (EU) Delegation to China, to talk about the development of the landmark bilateral agreement on Geographical Indications between the EU and China, the introduction of cheese to the Chinese market, and bilateral trade on food.

What to listen for:

1:15 Introduction of Damien Plan and his experience in China

4:08 What is a geographical indication (GI)?

5:17 What is the EU-China GI Agreement, and what benefits does it bring to both sides?

6:32 What has the agreement achieved since entered into force in March 2021?

7:26 Damien’s experience with Chinese GI products

8:54 Introduction of different categories of European cheese and where to buy cheese in China/Beijing

12:00 What’s the international trade situation, and how have Chinese consumers’ attitudes towards cheese changed in recent years?

13:44 Will there be more EU-China food fusion in the future?

15:22 What developments have there been in EU-China trade in agriculture, food and beverage products in the past three years?

17:10 What’s your opinion on the potential development and EU-China cooperation going forward in this area?

Read more:

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