[External] Jörg Wuttke’s China Experience

President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China Jörg Wuttke is invited to join “Bridging the gap” podcast to talk about his past 40 years experience of working in China and the work of the European Chamber. This episode is produced by Mats HINRICHSEN and Philip FISCHER from Peking University.

What to listen for:

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Upbringing and interest in China
02:50 Studying sinology and first trip to China
04:50 How China changed
Reawakening in 80s
06:22 China as the “fitness club” for management
Implications of travel bans
09:21 Founding of the European Chamber
11:47 Jörg’s achievement briefing European leaders on China
13:00 How the advocacy works
17:05 Being credible speaking up for China and EU
19:20 Guanxi
20:50 Ways of communication
22:50 Productive talks with Ministry of Commerce
26:10 Golden advice “You have to be a backpacker”

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