Episode 14: Preparing SMEs for China

Preparing SMEs for China

In this episode our host Adam Dunnett, secretary general of the European Chamber, sits down with guest speakers Renzo Isler, director of the EU SME Centre, Helika Jurgenson, project manager at the China IP SME Helpdesk, and Ester Canada Amela, advocacy manager at the EU SME Centre. They discuss China’s business environment for SMEs, and propose recommendations both for those that are looking to invest in China and those already operating here.

What to listen for:

  • 00:50–05:11 Renzo introduces the EU SME Centre, and identifies potential opportunities and challenges for SMEs in China
  • 05:12–08:26 Helika introduces the China IP SME Helpdesk, defines important terms related to intellectual property (IP), and explains the importance of IP.
  • 08:27–11:42 Ester explains what advocacy work involves and how it can benefit SMEs.
  • 11:43–16:18 Renzo and Ester explain the difference between the EU SME Centre and consultancies.
  • 16:19–21:31 Renzo gives recommendations and useful tools for SMEs looking to invest in China.
  • 21:32–27:54 Helika provides IP-related suggestions and tools, with an example to explain what companies need to do.
  • 27:55–33:40 Ester recommends SMEs get involved in advocacy and explains how to get started.
  • 33:41–36:44 Helika comments on an actual IP-related case presented by Adam.

Additional notes:

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