Webinar Playback: Peak Globalisation? The Future of EU-China-US Relations

The Future of EU-China-US Relations

To celebrate the European Chamber’s 20th anniversary, the European Chamber hosted a ‘VIP Webinar Series’ in May 2020 with the world’s leading industry experts, scholars, political consultants and strategists, on a variety of topics including economy, politics, technology, sustainability, EU-China Relation and EU-China-US Triangle.

This webinar was held on 28th May. European Chamber President Joerg Wuttke led a webinar discussion with three champions of multilateralism to get a better grip on the EU-China-US triangle and the directions that their relations may go in.

VIP guests joining the discussion include: 

  • Charlene Barshefsky, former US trade representative who oversaw the US side of the negotiations with Premier Zhu Rongji for China’s accession to the WTO in 2001; 
  • Jyrki Katainen, former EU Commission vice president and former prime minister of Finland, who spearheaded the EU’s work on jobs, growth, investment and competitiveness; 
  • Mikuláš Dzurinda, former prime minister of Slovakia who led his country through its accessions to both the EU and NATO, and who is known for advancing a series of key market reforms.

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